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Emerald cut

Your guide to loose emerald cut diamonds

04 Mar 22

Emerald cut diamonds are a unique and elegant class of diamond cuts. Unlike the common brilliant cut, an emerald cut diamond is a step cut. Therefore, its faceting is not the traditional kite and star shaped facets of other loose diamonds; rather, emerald cuts have small rectangular facets that resemble stairs or steps.

In this brief guide to loose emerald cut diamonds, we will cover the following topics to give you the knowledge you need to make a smart investment decision:

  • What are emerald cut diamonds?
  • How much do emerald cut diamonds cost?
  • The importance of clarity in an emerald diamond cut diamond

What are emerald cut diamonds?

As mentioned above, the loose emerald cut diamond is a step cut — rather than the more common brilliant cut, which gives the diamond its signature window pane appearance. Despite the fact that emerald cut diamonds do not share the same brilliance as other cuts, its unique rectangular shape gives it a show-stopping appearance.

Emerald cut diamonds vary from nearly square to a narrow rectangle. The classic emerald cut diamond has a length to width ratio of around 1.50. If you prefer the look of the square emerald cut diamond, be sure to consider the asscher cut as well (which has a very similar appearance and is defined by GIA as a square cut emerald).

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How much to emerald cut diamonds cost?

For jewellery lovers, the attraction of an emerald cut diamond is that the stone shape tends to look larger than other diamonds of the same carat — when it’s actually the least expensive diamond shape. Its added size is due to the emerald cut diamond’s large surface area, which gives the illusion of mass.

Emerald cuts are cheaper per carat than most cuts and are significantly cheaper than round diamonds due to two factors: lower demand for emerald cuts and higher yield on cutting (you lose the least amount of weight when cutting a rough diamond into a polished emerald cut).

Therefore, if you want to invest in diamonds but have a slightly tighter budget, the emerald cut diamond may be a good option. However, as they are less popular in general, you may find more difficulty when reselling the diamond compared with a round brilliant cut, for example.

The importance of clarity in an emerald diamond cut diamond

Make sure that you consider the 4 Cs when buying any diamond to guarantee that you invest in a high-quality stone. Clarity is particularly important in a loose emerald cut diamond. Due to its glassy nature, emerald cuts do not hide inclusions as well as other cuts, affecting its overall appearance.

The table (top surface area) offers a clear unobstructed window into the centre of the stone. Thus, any inclusions in the middle will be clearly visible. In addition, step cut stones are generally not as bright or fiery as brilliant cut diamonds. Instead, they accentuate a diamond’s clarity — even the slightest flaw would be obvious.

That doesn’t mean that loose emerald cut diamonds are a poor investment choice, it simply suggests that greater attention should be paid to the quality of the stone.

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