Why choosing BNT Diamonds? | BNT Diamonds
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Why BNT Diamonds?

1. Our unbeatable price-quality ratio

At BNT Diamonds, we have committed ourselves to offer our customers the best possible price-quality ratio. To accomplish this goal we invest in efficiency and do everything possible to avoid unnecessary intermediaries.

2. Diamonds at the source

At BNT diamonds, we work with a carefully developed network of 'niche' diamond manufacturers, mainly located in Surat (India), to buy diamonds at the source at the best possible prices. The people behind BNT have been selecting diamonds of the highest quality, directly from the largest diamond resources that are available in the world for more than 100 years. We select only the best diamonds fit for investment and sell our investment diamonds online and in our offices directly to the client.

This sourcing edge and the elimination of intermediaries represents our client’s direct profit, as BNT promises you that its prices are in direct correlation with the underlying cost & qualities of the diamonds on offer.

3. Maximise your Return on Investment

The further away you purchase your diamonds from the source (i.e. where they are polished), the more likely your future profit potential will be (partly or even entirely) evaporated via margin addition by intermediate parties. This is why it is crucial to cooperate with parties who can purchase at the source, like BNT Diamonds.

4. Our personal approach, your comfort

Each potential client will have a dedicated & experienced contact person throughout the entire process, from the first contact onwards till even years later when for example reselling considerations come into play. We are convinced that our accessible & customized client approach, in all discretion, will strongly add to your comfort. And on top of that, all communication between yourself and our experts will happen under close supervision of the two founders, Stefaan Mouradian & Steven Boelens, who make it a point of honour to offer a direct line of communication towards all our investment diamond clients.

5. Our transparency, your security

Trust is of great importance within the diamond industry and can only be earned through transparency and honesty. Since its establishment, BNT has built an excellent reputation through excellence of service and due diligence. Our ambition is to offer our clients as much comfort and security as possible, whereby we esteem that the perfect gateway serving this purpose is transparency. BNT therefore offers full and verifiable transparency.