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Diamonds at the source

The long term profitability of investment diamonds depends in the first instance on the price at which one has purchased them. Therefore it is important to buy the diamonds as close to the source as possible. So where to buy Diamonds? You can start with BNT Diamonds for example.

Our competitive pricing is credit to our exceptional ability, via a carefully developed network of 'niche' diamond manufacturers, mainly located in Surat (India), to buy diamonds at the source at the best possible prices. The people behind BAUNAT have been selecting diamonds of the highest quality, directly from the largest diamond resources that are available in the world for more than 100 years. We select only the best diamonds fit for investment and sell our investment diamonds on-line and in our offices directly to the client.

This sourcing edge and the elimination of intermediaries represent our client’s direct profit, as BAUNAT promises you that its prices are in direct correlation with the underlying cost and qualities of the diamonds on offer.

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Diamond supply chain

The traditional supply chain of diamonds contains many intermediaries, which all earn their part on the diamond before the final client buys the stone. In short this means that the client has to pay a higher price when buying a diamond. A higher price that does not reflect any augmented value.

At BAUNAT we are able to avoid the traditional supply chain. All our diamonds are bought at the source, without intermediaries, at the best possible conditions, resulting in a significantly lower price for all our clients.

Our goal is to offer our clients the best possible price from the beginning.

On demand

Since we only work on demand, we do not keep any stock. After reception of a quotation request, we select the most beautiful diamonds currently available, corresponding to the request of the client. On the basis of these diamonds, a personalized quotation is made. For every request, our clients receive a personalized quotation within 24 hours.

Quotations valid for 2 days

Due to constantly changing currency exchange rates and material prices and due to the fact that the diamond market is a fast moving market, all our quotations are valid for a limited time only and upon availability of the quoted diamond(s).

Best possible price

Thanks to the fact that we react fast on every request and select the best price/quality diamonds, we are able to offer the best possible prices. All our prices are directly linked to the current best market value of each diamond. This is why most of our offers are only valid for 48 hours.

From purchase to resale

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