How and when can I sell diamonds at a profit?

For those starting with investing in diamonds, it might be unclear how and when you can sell the diamond with the highest profit or to whom you can sell it. That is why BNT Diamonds has listed some useful tips for you.

We offer our customers an excellent service: we offer a completely free appraisal for diamonds that were purchased from BNT Diamonds more than a year ago. The result of this appraisal corresponds to the purchase price BNT Diamonds pays at its source at that time, increased with 5%.

Profit from the exceptional price at which you purchased your investment diamonds

Numerous predictions indicate that is is rather unlikely for diamond prices to drop significantly. So the odds are that you can sell the diamond you purchased at BNT Diamonds at a nice profit. And this is often the case when you decide to sell your diamond directly to end-users. You could organise an eBay auction to sell your diamond, but selling it at a local jeweller will also likely result in a significant profit. Our appraisal is likely below their purchase limit.

In brief, our method of appraisal benefits the liquidity and saleability of your diamond. In this way, you directly profit from buying your diamond at an exceptional price.

When will BNT Diamonds want to buy my diamond back?

At BNT Diamonds, we can always consider buying back your diamond. First we perform an appraisal. The appraisal is based on the price we would pay for that diamond at the source at that moment. In other words, the appraised value decreased by 5%.

However, this price is not a guarantee, because any buyback by BNT DIAMONDS depends on two factors:

• The number of similar diamonds currently in our inventory.
• The demand for similar diamonds at that time.

Who can help me sell diamonds except BNT Diamonds?

If you are not fully convinced yet, you can always hire an investment advisor. He will help you distribute your various investments. He can also help you draw up your investment portfolio. This portfolio should not consist out of diamonds for more than 33%.

An investment advisor also analyses the diamond market and advises you on when it is a good time to sell your diamonds. Although the final decision is always up to you. And if you decide to keep your diamond? Then we at BAUNAT can easily set your exceptional gemstone in custom jewellery.

Are you ready for your investment or would you like some more information? You can always ask for advice from your diamond specialist at BNT Diamonds or personally contact our team at +32 3 201 24 90.

What about Special Diamonds?

Resale options for Special Diamonds are slightly different, as due to the scarcity and exclusivity of these diamonds, the general market isn't the most suitable option. These Special Diamonds can be sold via specialised auction houses, like Christie's or Sotheby's, which cater to a highly knowledgeable and niche audience.

All investors are advised to fully understand all risks associated with any kind of investing they choose to do. There is no guarantee that your investment will result in profits or that they will not result in losses.

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