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What Are Brilliant Cut Diamonds?

25 Nov 21

What is a brilliant cut diamond?

The brilliant cut diamond is one that has been cut with many facets in order to enhance the brilliance of the stone, in other words, its sparkle. This brilliance is a result of the light returning throughout the cone shape of the stone itself. This cut was first created in the 17th century, but it wasn’t until 100 years ago that the cut really started to come into its own.

A brilliant cut can be found in a round, pear or oval-shaped diamond. Remember, the cut of a diamond does not affect the shape but rather its light performance.

The round brilliant cut diamond is the most well-known and popular shape of brilliant cut diamond, representing an estimated 75% of all diamonds sold in the market. It is the predecessor to the old European cut, which can still be found in vintage-style engagement rings, for instance.


How many facets are in a brilliant cut diamond?

A brilliant cut diamond has 58 facets that are polished to reflect the brilliance of the diamond. The top section of the diamond is called the crown, and the bottom is called the pavilion. The top facet is the largest and is called the table, while the smallest facet is known as the culet and is found at the diamond base.

This eye-catching stone owes its remarkable brilliance to these many facets. Its incredible sparkle is what makes it such a popular choice for both modern jewellery lovers and, in turn, investors.

The price of brilliant cut diamonds

The brilliant cut diamond is the most popular cut, as its brilliance truly outshines any other. It is also one of the most expensive cuts of diamonds.

The prices directly relate to the polishing and cutting precision required and the loss of rough diamond in the process. When creating a brilliant cut diamond, cutters need to ensure the utmost accuracy to create its 58 facets and guarantee its brilliance.

Cutters also have to discard more of the rough stone in the cutting process, driving up the price. Of all the brilliant cuts, round diamonds result in the most waste, thus costing more than any other shape.

What is an excellent cut diamond?

As with any diamond investment, it’s critical to pay attention to the 4 Cs. For brilliant cut diamonds, the most important of the Cs is the cut, as it most significantly impacts its beauty.

Many elements are involved in cut quality, including its proportions, facets, finishing details and ability to reflect light. The better these characteristics are as a whole, the higher the quality of the diamond, and in return, the higher the price.

The cut quality, therefore, plays a major role in the value of a brilliant diamond. The GIA grades round brilliant diamonds, for example, on a scale: Excellent (EX), Very Good (VG), Good (G), Fair (F) and Poor (P).

Excellent cut diamonds provide the highest level of fire and brilliance. Hence, if you decide to invest in brilliant cut diamonds, make an effort to source those with an excellent cut to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

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