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Which diamond was found in Sierra Leone?

15 Jul 21
  • What do we know about this discovery?
  • What other diamonds were added to the collection?
  • What’s about to happen with the diamonds?

Since the beginning of the 20th century, new diamond mines have been located worldwide, including in Sierra Leone. Although African countries have had a negative connotation with diamond lovers for years, euphoria for this special discovery is in order. The Nambian Trustco Resources therefore reacts with satisfaction to the discovery. How much the diamond price will be, however, is yet not known.

What do we know about the discovery?

On November 12, the national mining agency NMA reported that miners from the mining company Meya in Sierra Leone have found a diamond of no less than 476 carats. According to the first estimates, it would be the second largest diamond ever found. As far as the diamond price is concerned, it’s still unclear.

“Every indication of the possible diamond price is pure speculation at this stage because the diamond has not yet been examined and assessed by the necessary experts”, says Trustco.

Which other diamonds were added to the collection?

Meya has an exclusive license of 4 years for diamond exploration in Kono. This district in eastern Sierra Leone appears to be a very diamond-rich region. On the same day, the miners found a 27,93 carat and 19,70 carat diamond.

In March, a diamond of 709 carat was already discovered and will be auctioned on December 4 in New York.

What’s about to happen with the diamonds?

The government has already given permission to export the 476 carat diamond and Meya has confirmed its intention to sell the diamond through an international auction. It is therefore exciting to look for what the final diamond price will be at this auction.

Earlier this month we were talking about the auction of the exceptional Grisogono diamond. It was expected that this would yield more than 30 million dollars. The final diamond price was ‘only” $33,8 million.

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