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Diamanten mit unterschiedlichem Gewicht in Karat

What is the price and value of diamonds with 1 carat?

11 Oct 21

The weight of diamonds is measured in metric carats, with 1 carat of diamond weighing just 0.2 grams. Compared to their high value, diamonds are relatively small and light, one of the many reasons that makes them popular as an investment.

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Why are diamonds with 1 carat so in demand?

The popularity of diamonds with 1 carat has mainly psychological reasons, people like round numbers, moreover, 1 carat stands for a certain value, it is the magic limit where there is no zero before the decimal point. Therefore round cut diamonds, called brilliants, with 1 carat are a very common choice for the classic solitaire engagement rings. Understandably, what woman wants to tell her friends that her engagement ring is 0.93 carats? On the other hand, it matters little whether the diamond weighs in at 1.00 carats or is just over that at 1.09 carats.

Diamond rings with diamonds of 1 carat and more in comparison

Purely visually and without a precision scale for gemstones, a diamond of 0.91 carats cannot be distinguished from a diamond with 1.02 carats. As a general rule, without taking into account the proportions and depth of the diamond, it can be said that 0.25 carat difference in weight is about half a millimetre in width. Thus, a 1.5 carat diamond is only one millimetre wider than a diamond weighing 1 carat.

Nevertheless, 1 carat diamonds are so popular that diamond cutters, who turn rough diamonds into polished stones, do everything they can to ensure that diamonds that are on the borderline around 1 carat are never cut below 1 carat. The reason is the value - due to high demand the price difference between a 0.95 carat and 1.00 carat diamond is much higher than for example between a 1.30 carat and 1.40 carat diamond.

Objectively, does the fixation on round numbers in carat weight make sense? Not necessarily, but as in the stock market, the market is always right and therefore you should also know and consider the psychological limits with investment diamonds. Therefore, the clear recommendation for diamonds as an investment is: not less than one carat per stone.

What is the cost of diamonds or diamonds with 1 carat?

The price of diamonds is defined by the 4C: Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. The weight in carats is one of 4 factors that are used to determine the value of a diamond, but without knowledge of the other three it is not very meaningful.

A concrete example: a brilliant with 1.00 carat, which is just in the "investment range", i.e. has a sufficiently high quality to be bought as an investment diamond, currently costs from about €5,000 (1 ct, color G, clarity VS1, cut VG, certificate GIA, without fluorescence). A diamond of 1 carat weight, also certified by GIA, in highest quality (1 ct, color D, clarity FL/IF, cut 3EX, without fluorescence) is already at least €13,000, in each case calculated without VAT.

The price differences are even more extreme if diamonds that do not have investment quality are also used as a comparison. Thus, 1 carat diamonds with strongly visible inclusions, which are clearly visible to the naked eye (I2-3/P2-3), a stronger yellow tint (K-Z) and only a good cut, are traded for a few hundred euros.

The question "What does a carat of diamond cost?" cannot be answered in a simple way. If you want to compare the prices of diamonds from different suppliers, you should always choose stones as a basis which have exactly the same 4C if possible. Only then is the comparison representative.

The shape of the cut also plays a role in the selling price, regardless of its quality. Round brilliant diamonds are always slightly more expensive than more exotic cut shapes, all other things being equal. Not because a different cut shape is worse or less beautiful per se, the demand is simply much higher for brilliant diamonds than for square shapes, for example.

Buy one 1.00 carat stone, a good investment?

With diamonds as an investment: the rarer and the higher the demand, the more valuable and the higher the chances of an excellent return over a longer investment period. On the other hand, the liquidity also decreases with increasing value. Selling a diamond worth €250,000 takes more time and effort than selling a diamond for €15,000. This is due to the fact that the circle of interested parties who can raise this sum at all is much smaller.

In case of doubt, several diamonds, from 1 carat in weight, are a better investment than putting all your money on a single stone.

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With this article, BAUNAT strives to inform you thoroughly about investing in diamonds. No investment can be guaranteed to be without risk or fully according to your expectations. That is why we recommend to research the risks and aspects of investing in diamond properly to ensure that you make the right choice for your portfolio.