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“The Blue Moon”, the most expensive diamond ever sold for 45 million euros

05 Jul 21

The rough diamond of 29.62 carats was discovered in January 2014 in a mine in South Africa. Later, it was cut in New York for six months. This impressive blue diamond of 12.03 carats was sold on November 12 at Sotheby's in Geneva for 48.46 million dollar (or 45 million euros).

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The diamond was called "The Blue Moon of Josephine", named after the seven-year old daughter of the buyer. However, not only the name appealed to the people’s imagination, but also the large amount spent on it when the “little” stone got a new owner. The stone was sold for 45 million euros and is therefore the most expensive diamond in the world. Never before has so much been spent on a diamond.

According to David Bennett, head of Sotheby's international jewellery department, this sale set the record for highest price ever paid per carat, regardless of the color of the diamond. Therefore this diamond was the most expensive jewel ever sold at auction.

A few days earlier on an auction at Christie's, the buyer, a private collector from Hong Kong, bought a spectacular pink diamond, named "Sweet Josephine". In 2009 he bought the first blue diamond for his daughter, which was called the "Star of Josephine."

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