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What do the prices of our price quotations include?

Prices of our price quotations are always exclusive VAT (applicable to clients within the European Union), and without import- and export taxes or other local taxes (applicable for clients outside the European Union).

Taxes are calculated depending on the country of destination:

  • Clients within the EU: Prices (payable to BAUNAT) will be increased with the appropriate VAT rate for each EU country. You can consult an overview of all VAT rates within the EU here.
  • Clients outside the EU: no VAT is applicable, but most countries apply on delivery a border tax and/or local taxes, which our clients have pay to the delivery courier. Baunat offers you information on border and local taxes. Click here to see our indicative tax calculator for most common non EU countries.

No other costs will be added to your bill. Shipment, packaging and insurances are covered by BAUNAT.