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What diamonds does BNT Diamonds recommend?

Choosing the best diamonds for investment will help earn the most return on investment from that purchase. It’s important to consider the colour, size, clarity, and overall quality of your diamonds before making your investment. It’s also important to think about where your diamonds come from and what the right company is to purchase diamonds from.

But what do the experts at BNT Diamonds recommend when it comes to investment stones? To maximise the potential return on future resale, our experts strongly recommend high quality diamonds with the following specifications for carat, colour, clarity, cut (4C’s) and certificate:

Carat1 ct - 2 ct - 3 ct - 4 ct - 5 ct
ClarityLoupe clean - VVS1 & 2 - VS1 & 2
ColourD - E - F - G
CutExcellent Cut
CertificatesGIA - HRD - IGI

There are also two types of diamonds that you may choose for investment. The first, commercial grade diamonds, offer widespread demand that makes it easier to trade or sell your investment diamonds and maintain a steady resale liquidity.

Alternatively, very rare diamonds hold higher exclusivity and overall worth, but they can be more challenging to find a proper buyer for to convert to earnings. To learn more about selective liquidity, check out our article.

Thanks to its worldwide established network, BNT Diamonds is able to purchase every possible diamond (a client may request) at the source. BNT Diamonds also offers quotations on demand for intensely naturally coloured diamonds, such as blue, yellow, pink or red. This way, you can learn the essential information about potential diamonds and understand their resale ability before you make the purchase.

Want to learn more about diamonds for investment? The experts at BNT Diamonds can help. Get in touch with us today by booking an appointment in one of our showrooms or requesting a quote.