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BAUNAT is very proud to have been granted the Trustmark of EMOTA and SAFESHOPS.BE. These 2 Trustmarks allow our clients to recognize a Trustmark across borders, which is in line with the most stringent EU rules for consumer protection and privacy. The aim of these Trustmarks is to assure consumers all over the world that the respective “trust-marked” e-shops have been validated by an EMOTA accredited Trustmark provider and have been assessed as being perfectly safe for online buying.


The main objective of EMOTA, the European Multi-channel and Online Trade Association, is to represent distance sellers of goods and services at European and international level both on- and off-line. Established more than three decades ago, EMOTA engages with the European Commission, Members of the European Parliament and all other European stakeholders, with the aim of facilitating distance selling in Europe through all its channels of distribution, encouraging the secure and competitive delivery of products and services to European consumers and increasing consumer confidence and trust in e-business activities. The EMOTA European Trustmark for eCommerce establishes harmonised certification criteria for all national trustmarks throughout Europe. It enhances consumer trust in online shopping across borders, because it imposes the most stringent EU rules for consumer protection and privacy.


SAFESHOPS.BE is the leading Belgian Trustmark provider, validated by EMOTA, with the main objective to increase consumer confidence in online shopping in Belgium & abroad. Behind the quality label of SAFESHOPS.BE lies a severe and independent certification process, which takes several months. An e- shop will be checked from A to Z. Not only will this merchant be legally assessed (e.g. in terms of privacy, buy-back obligations, warranties, ...), but the e-shop will also be asked to follow the “Market" Code of BAM (Belgian Association of Marketing) . This BAM code represents a respectful communication and marketing behavior. All SAFESHOPS.BE members also carry the European Trustmark of EMOTA. This shows that they also follow the most stringent European rules for cross-border sales.