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Our unbeatable price-quality ratio

At BNT Diamonds, we have committed ourselves to offer our customers the best possible price-quality ratio.
To accomplish this goal we invest in efficiency and do everything possible to avoid unnecessary intermediaries.

The value of a diamond is determined on the basis of the 4 C's: carat, colour, clarity and cut. The better these characteristics, the higher the value of the diamond will be. Over the years, diamonds become more valuable because they become scarcer.

Compare our prices

If you compare the prices of BNT Diamonds with all the major brands and generic online retailers, you will see that BNT Diamonds prices are the best you can find.

The diamond price is determined by its value and by the jeweller you purchase it from. When you buy a diamond online from us, it will be 30 to 50% less expensive compared to a classic physical jeweller because we purchase our diamonds directly from the source eliminating intermediaries.

Take a look to the comparsion below. These prices are for a round diamond of 1,00 ct with a G colour, a VS2 Clarity and a Very Good cut certified by GIA, IGI or HRD. We are thus talking about perfectly comparable products.

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The BAUNAT difference

Whereas diamond (jewellery) retailers typically add between 15-50% mark-up to cover their higher purchase expenditure, overheads, marketing & intermediation costs, BNT Diamonds are priced at their underlying investment value. This is because BAUNAT has the unique capacity to purchase its diamonds at the best possible prices, which consequently offers you the best outlook for future profitability.

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This price comparison was done in 2016 by multiple third party mystery shoppers. We benchmark our prices monthly to ensure that our prices remain competitive. More information available on request.

How do we manage this?

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Direct buying and selling

The people behind BNT Diamonds select since more than 100 years their diamonds directly from the highest quality and largest diamond resources that are available in the world. This via a carefully developed network of “niche” diamond manufacturers, mainly located in Surat, India. In turn, BNT Diamonds sells its investment diamonds on-line and in its offices directly to the client.

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A strict stock management

At BNT Diamonds we work without a big and expensive stock. This way we are not forced to offer diamonds from our stock at high prices. Thanks to this way of working we are able to offer every diamond to the best possible price on the marked at the moment of request. This saves us enormous administrative costs.

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Only on request

After receiving a request we search the best diamonds available on the market and offer them to our clients at the best price possible. If the client agrees with our price quotation and proceeds to the payment BNT Diamonds purchases the most beautiful diamonds for him completely in line with the promised quality standards, which are communicated very clear and transparent in the description of the purchased diamond.

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100% Payment in advance

Since every purchase needs to be paid in advance, we do not need to calulate our prices in a way to be able to prefund every quoted diamond. Therefore, after having received your payment, BNT Diamonds purchases the quoted diamonds at the source.

Direct buying and selling, avoiding the middleman, combined with a strict stock management, allows BNT Diamonds to offer the best and largest selection at the best price-quality ratio.

As more than 90% of our clients buy online, we are able to handle very cost efficiently a fast growing customer base across the world, without having to invest in a large contingent of luxurious retail outlets and corresponding overheads. And this enables us to propose also this same exceptional price-quality to clients who choose to visit us in our showrooms in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Geneva, London, Mumbai, Paris and Zurich.

In short

BNT Diamonds promises its clients that its prices are in direct correlation with the quality of the products on offer. To keep this promise, we buy our diamonds directly at the source and sell them with very tiny margins to make sure the client pays the real value of a diamond.

Our sources - your profit

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