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Coloured diamonds in different shapes

You wish to purchase loose diamonds, but are undecided on the colour?

12 Jul 21
Coloured diamonds
  • The standardised colour classification system for diamonds.
  • Checking by comparing diamonds? Yes, but…
  • Always take into account the diamonds shape and cut.

A correct colour identification of a diamond is not an easy thing to do. Only with specialised materials can the colour accurately be determined. For this reason, BNT Diamonds DIAMONS only sells diamonds with a certificate, issued by one of the three largest international renowned laboratories: HRD, IGI and GIA. To purchase a loose diamond without a certificate at smaller jewellers or private individuals is not without risks.

The standardized colour classification system for diamonds

You wish to purchase loose diamonds, but are undecided on the colour? The ‘master set’, or internationally recognised colour set, classifies diamonds from D (colourless) to Z (yellowish hue). This master set makes it possible to categorise each diamond in a specific colour hue. Jewellers that label a diamond as “somewhere between G and H” during your visit, do not use this master set and are there not as trustworthy.

Checking by comparing diamonds? Yes, but…

It is always wise to compare the product you wish to purchase with similar products before you decide to proceed with the sale. If you are looking to purchase loose diamonds, however, this is easier said than done. If you hesitate between two diamonds during your visit to the jeweller and you wish to compare the colour, it is important to heed a couple of things:

  1. Always ask for the diamond’s certificate on which you can read the diamond’s official colour identification. This way only, you are assured that the price is correct in relation to the rarity of the diamond.
  2. Are you interested in two diamonds of a different shape? Keep in mind that certain diamond shapes have an influence on the colour intensity of a diamond, while officially, they have the same colour gradation.
  3. Lastly, you also need to consider the cut quality of the diamond. The clarity and the observed colour are influenced by the way the diamond is cut. An diamond with G colour that has been cut poorly, will appear of lesser quality than a well cut H.

If you wish to purchase and compare loose diamonds, has to compare diamonds with a certificate and with the same shape and cut quality. At BNT Diamonds you can purchase loose diamonds online, but you can also easily compare diamonds with their corresponding specifications. You can also ask for a personal quotation of your dream diamond.

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