Exceptional emotional value

Diamonds are not only from the rational point of view an interesting investment. The emotional value cannot be underestimated and is in many cases priceless. Investing in diamonds equals investing in exceptional natural beauty. Light in weight, they represent great value. Moreover, diamonds can be worn as jewellery. Received as a gift or inheritance, diamonds exude a high emotional value.

"Jewellery of a refined taste,
impeccable quality and a reasonable price.
BAUNAT perfectly meets
the most demanding expectations."

The BAUNAT difference

As an established diamond jewellery brand, selling to more than 50 countries across the world, BAUNAT & its staff carry a profound understanding of and respect for the emotional component of a diamond, in loose form or as part of jewellery. If needed or required, this expertise (matching jewellery or settings, cultural preferences, projected trends regarding gifts & inheritance, etcetera) will come into play in the most effective & personalized way, to the benefit of our clients.