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Thanks to our worldwide established network, BNT Diamonds can purchase every possible diamond a client could request directly from the source. BNT Diamonds prepares quotes for an unlimited budget starting from €5,000. To maximise the potential return on a future resale, our diamond experts strongly recommend high-quality diamonds with the following characteristics in terms of carat, colour, clarity, cut (4Cs) and certificate.

White diamonds

The white Round Brilliant Cut is the most traded diamond in the world. There’s an enormous demand for this type of diamond making this a highly liquid investment with very little risk. When choosing commercial grade diamonds, you can expect a moderate, stable return based on historic data. By choosing the highest possible quality, your return may be higher but the smaller market makes resale more complex.

6496 white diamonds

between 1-5 carat


D, E, F, G
Claritybetween flawless and VS2


CertificatesGIA - HRD - IGI

Fancy coloured diamonds

Diamonds with saturated colours are extremely rare. The demand far exceeds the supply, yet the market is less predictable given the subjective nature of colour grading for these diamonds. These investments pose a greater risk but may yield high returns. Given the complex valuation and resale of this type of stones, the investor should take a long value accumulation period into account.

6494 coloured diamonds


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All investors are advised to fully understand all risks associated with any kind of investing they choose to do.

What are the 4C's?

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