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What exceptional diamond is now being auctioned?

15 Jul 21
  • What are the characters of the Grisogono diamond?
  • Why was the diamond set into a jewel?
  • When will be the diamond be auctioned?

What’s special about ‘the Art of the Grisogono, Creation 1’? How much is this rare gemstone worth? Whoever wants to buy this special diamond, will need a big investment portfolio. They expect that the historically emerald cut diamond will be auctioned for at least 30 million. After the Lesedi la Rona finally got sold, we’re looking forward for the auctioning of this special diamond.


What are the characters of the Grisogono diamond?

If you invest in diamonds, you know the importance of the clarity of a diamond. The Grisogone diamond comes from a 404-carat rough diamond and has an unknown clarity. 14 craftsmen worked on the diamond form which 4 or 5 smaller satellite stones were rounded.

The 163 carat with D colour was first presented at the Dubai Diamond Conference in its original necklace and later in the centre of a bracelet. This transformation was an absolute surprise during the presentation.

Why was the diamond processed into a jewel?

You can buy diamonds in loose pieces instead of a set. The reason for this is a part of the strategy of Grisogone and Nemesis to present such special diamonds as art pieces. This happens with the intention that you can buy the diamond and put it in a necklace or bracelet.

“It’s not only about the diamond”, says David Warren, responsible for the jewels at Christie’s in the Middel-East. “It’s about the artistic jewel.”

When will the diamond be auctioned?

If you want to buy the diamond, you need to be patient until November. Until then, the stone will be on a world tour. After the revelation in Hong Kong, the special diamond went to London and Dubai. On November 4 and 5 2017 there’s another presentation in New York and after that the diamond travels to Switzerland.

The auction will happen on November 14 2017 in Genève. Christie’s haven’t made an evaluation of the value of the so far biggest, clear, D-coloured, emerald diamond, that was ever open for auction.

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