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19 Jul 21
  • Buying conflict-free diamonds vs conflict diamonds
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Buying conflict-free diamonds vs conflict diamonds

The diamond sector in 2003 devoted itself to banning conflict diamonds from international trade. Conflict diamonds are diamonds that are mined illegally in African countries, by men, women and children, often with force. The enormous profits gained from these practices are used to finance militant rebel groups in their fight against the government.

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Kimberley process

To stop these practices, a certification process was introduced that would guarantee the origins of the diamonds.

All imported or exported rough diamonds need to include a sealed Kimberley certificate in anti-fraud packaging. Shipments of rough diamonds without this certificate will not be allowed to leave the country or cannot be imported. Belgium is one of 80 countries that has ratified the Kimberley certification system. So, when you buy certified diamonds from BNT Diamonds, you are guaranteed to receive an honest and conflict-free diamond.

When trading in certified diamonds, both the importers, exporters and local diamond traders have to keep a register of all the Kimberley certificates from the past five years. This can be accessed and checked at any given time.

As a result of these strict regulations, diamonds are the most monitored and checked natural resource in the world. Furthermore, this system has successfully prevented conflict diamonds from taking hold of the world trade, as non-participating countries are excluded from the international diamond market.

Less conflict, more prosperity

Since the implementation of the certification system, the share of conflict diamonds in world trade has dropped from 15% to less than 0.1% today. This form of diamond trade is a source of prosperity in Africa, in particular, where 65% of the mined diamonds originate from. Therefore, African countries keep working together to further ban conflict diamonds in the RCM.

In Namibia, for example, the profits made from the diamond trade are now used to further bolster the fight against epidemics such as HIV and AIDS. In Botswana, they have been able to offer free primary and secondary education since 2003. Less conflict, more education and fewer health issues are the direct result of the worldwide conflict-free diamond trade, to which we all contribute, one gem at a time - especially if we keep buying certified conflict-free diamonds.

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Extra security and quality guarantees

Buying and selling certified conflict-free diamonds has become much safer for investors. BNT Diamonds only offers classified and tested diamonds, certified by the world’s most renowned precious stones laboratories: GIA, HRD and IGI.

If you would like to buy conflict-free diamonds, BNT Diamonds would be happy to give you more information regarding the numerous investment options and different certificates.

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