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How do you invest safely in 2020 and beyond?

16 Jul 21
  • What is safe investing?
  • Investing in times of crisis?
  • 3 tips for safe investing
  • Why choose diamonds as a safe investment?

Although investing is now on the rise and can yield quite a bit, the investment world remains uncharted territory for many. It is mainly the risk of losing money that can be identified as the cause for this. That's why we're talking about how you can invest safely and what role diamonds can play in this.

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What is safe investing?

Investing always involves a risk, you can't escape that. Saving may seem like a safer option, but that's just an illusion. Low interest rates on savings accounts make saving unattractive. In fact, inflation causes your savings to yield less, and reduces your spending power, and you thus lose out on your purchasing power.

So, while safe investing may seem like an incompatible term at first, there are several ways to invest your capital in a relatively safe way. With a well-considered approach, you can better determine and reduce the risks. Safe investing is all about obtaining information about different types of investments, weighing up the pros and cons and expert advice.

Investing in times of crisis?

The fact that investing is quite a lucrative activity, is proven by the ever-increasing trend of the younger generation that is now actively entering the investment world – and the corona crisis does have something to do with that too. With little earnings from savings, many young investors are taking the opportunity to grow their savings through investments. Although the Brussels BEL20 reached an all-time low on 12 March 2020, five times more shares were traded between 24 February and 30 April 2020, and 634 million euros more were bought, according to an article on VRT NWS.

A crisis does not necessarily mean that investing would include more risks, quite the contrary. Many investors see a crisis as the perfect time to invest. Here too, it is crucial to inform yourself well and, above all, to think ahead. Investments are always dependent on political, economic and climate-related factors. For example, sustainable investments – investments that take into account the impact on people and the environment – are on the rise.

Safe investing starts with how you approach your investment. Objective advice by specialists, and obtaining reliable information are the essence of a thoughtful investment approach. Below you can read three golden rules for safe investing.

1. Determine your investor profile

Think about what budget you plan to invest, and set aside a fixed amount that you can use if you need cash. Estimate how much risk you are willing to take, and clearly outline your investment objectives. Your own knowledge and experience is also an important fact to accurately determine your investor profile. For example, are you going to follow up your investments yourself, or would you rather hand them over to an expert?

2. Ensure a good spread of your investment portfolio

Diversify enough, with different forms of investment. This allows you to reduce the risks and better estimate what will give you the most return. Alternative investments such as real estate and commodities are often used to supplement the investment portfolio. An investment in commodities is particularly interesting over the long term. Commodities are finite, and therefore becoming increasingly scarce. As a result, demand continues to rise.

3. Invest in the long term

Not only is an optimal spread in your investment portfolio a good tip to invest safely, a spread over time can also limit a lot of risks. Investments are subject to interim rate reductions. In the long term, however, these reductions don't matter much, because you can better estimate the price fluctuations and choose an opportune time to liquidate. Long-term investments are also crisis-proof.

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Why choose diamonds as a safe investment?

As mentioned above, investments in commodities are a good addition to your investment portfolio. For example, the supply of diamonds is shrinking more and more, resulting in an increased demand over the long term. Diamonds are therefore a relatively safe investment that is easily accessible to those new to the world of investing. Diamonds are also a crisis-resistant investment that offers you maximum security on the authenticity of the product by means of a certificate.

At BNT Diamonds, we only sell certified diamonds that we purchase directly from the source, without intermediaries. Thus, we can offer you the best price for the maximum yield. Do you need personal guidance in choosing your investment diamonds? Please contact the experts at BNT Diamonds and get objective advice.

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With this article, BNT Diamonds strives to inform you thoroughly about investing in diamonds. No investment can be guaranteed to be without risk or fully according to your expectations. That is why we recommend to research the risks and aspects of investing in diamond properly to ensure that you make the right choice for your portfolio.