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Where Do Diamonds Come From?

Before choosing diamonds as a form of investment, you may wish to learn a bit more about what they are and where they come from. So let’s look at the history, creation, and sourcing of diamonds.

The history of diamonds

The origins of the diamond and its many connotations lie in India, where it was first mined.

Diamonds were curiosities which used to simply be picked up off the ground in India from the 8th to the 12th century BC. The stones were found in kimberlite sludge along the riverbeds. Virtually all diamonds came from India until the late 19th century. They also produced by far the whitest diamonds. Indian dominance ended at the end of the 19th century.

The words most generally used for diamond in Sanskrit are transliterated as vajra, meaning "thunderbolt", and indrayudha or "Indra's weapon." As Indra is the warrior god of Vedic scriptures (the foundation of Hinduism), the symbol of the thunderbolt captures how India perceives diamonds. The flash of lightning is reminiscent of the light reflected by a fine diamond octahedron and a diamond's powerful strength.

The creation of diamonds

It’s difficult to create and source natural diamonds. Diamonds are formed from intense and massive pressure and heat deep within the earth. As far we know, diamonds were first created millions of years ago far before the earth’s plants. These precious, brilliant stones come from graphite and the extreme temperature and constant pressure transforms that structure of graphite into what we know as the diamond.

The sourcing of diamonds

Diamonds are found deep within the earth’s surface (around 150 km - 200 km) where there is or has been volcanic activity. As it requires a massive amount of pressure within the earth to create the precious stone, miners must dig deep to source them.

Today, diamonds can be found in 35 different countries, but the main countries that source diamonds include South Africa, Canada, Botswana, Australia, and Russia.

South Africa appears to be the new Walhalla for diamonds. This is where the Kimberley mine can be found, also known as ‘The Big Hole’. This acquired its name from the same kimberlite, which protects the diamond against lava when it comes up to the surface.

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