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Where are most diamonds found?

When considering diamonds for investment, it’s fair to wonder where you might be sourcing those diamonds from. So let’s look at where most diamonds are found around the world.

Numerous new diamond mines in Africa opened at the start of the 20th century, including Namibia, Angola, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Botswana and Congo. Siberia and Russia also started emerging in the nineteen fifties. Even more recently Australia also became a rewarding location as a result of the Argyle mine. The latest newcomer is Canada.

In total, there are 35 countries around the world that source and produce diamonds. These countries mine the stones from deep within the earth, where they come out of graphite and volcanic soil. It takes a lot of work to mine diamonds from the ground, and even more work to find diamonds greater than a carat in weight.

Of the 35 countries that mine diamonds worldwide, here is a list of the most prominent diamond producing countries:

  • South Africa
  • Canada
  • Botswana
  • USA
  • Russia
  • Siberia
  • Congo
  • Australia

As you consider the source of diamonds, it’s also important to consider conflict or blood diamonds, which are sourced or traded in a war zone or in regions controlled by terrorist or group that opposes the legitimate government. Buying conflict diamonds supports these terrorist movements and negatively impacts political conflicts.

When seeking diamonds for investment, it’s important to know where your diamonds are sourced from and what it means. Sourcing diamonds morally is an essential part of proper investment.

With that said, BNT Diamonds has a zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds. We only buy diamonds through the largest and most respected Antwerp dealers (Belgium), and proudly respect the standards set up by the Kimberley Process.

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