Who Does BNT Diamonds Sell To? | BNT Diamonds

Who does BNT Diamonds sell to?

BNT Diamonds is a company initially focused on purchases and packages starting from €100,000. With customers spread across more than 50 countries, BNT Diamonds sells investment diamonds at the most attractive prices. The unique purchasing opportunities that buyers enjoy with BNT Diamonds - namely, the purchase of diamonds directly from the source and the resulting exceptional value for money - mean that BNT Diamonds is also regularly approached by traditional jewelers from around the world to meet their diamond needs.

BNT Diamonds aims to make their years of expertise in diamond investments accessible. Our team of diamond experts is always at your service with objective advice and will work with you to find investment diamonds that align with your demand, your investor profile or your client's investor profile. Investing in diamonds is possible from as little as €5,000. Read more about how to build a diamond portfolio in our whitepaper.