Who Does BNT Diamonds Sell To? | BNT Diamonds

Who does BNT Diamonds sell to?

At BNT Diamonds, we are fundamentally a B2C oriented company. This means we sell our investment diamonds to consumers spread over more than 50 countries.

BNT Diamonds has a natural inclination to sell its investment diamonds to private individuals or private investment offices. Having said this, we would like to point out that BNT Diamonds is also regularly approached by traditional jewellers across the world to fulfil their diamond requirements. This circumstance is due to our unique buying capacity. We get our diamonds at the very source and offer a subsequent exceptional price quality. .

Considering investing in diamonds? BNT is happy to help you find the right diamonds for you and we’re open to selling to a variety of buyers.

You can also learn more about diamonds for investment from the experts at BNT Diamonds. Get in touch with us today by booking an appointment in one of our showrooms or requesting a quote.