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Secure your diamond investment and ask for a certificate from an independent and renowned lab.

When investing in diamonds, it is of utmost importance to have objective proof of the quality of your diamond. This is why, with every BNT Diamonds purchase of an individual diamond starting from 1.00ct and higher, you will receive a certificate of authenticity. This is a diamond grading report, issued by an independent and renowned laboratory, that summarizes a diamond's verifiable information. Characteristics such as colour grade, clarity grade, cut grade and carat weight are carefully documented in the certificate and prove the identity and the value of your diamond. At BNT Diamonds we choose to only work together with GIA, HRD and IGI: the three most reputable and well-known laboratories in the diamond industry. A certificate from one of these institutes can be considered objective, independent, transparent, accurate and trustworthy. Because every diamond is graded by multiple educated and experienced graders to ensure the accuracy of each grading process. Besides that, each diamond certificate has an unique number which makes your diamond traceable and which you can use to verify its authenticity on the certifying laboratory’s website.

This way BNT Diamonds:

  • Guarantees their clients in a transparent and objective way that all diamonds purchased with BNT Diamonds are genuine, 100% natural and the promised quality.
  • Protects their client’s investment as it protects against the risk that at future resale (and at any possible recertification by GIA, HRD or IGI) the diamond (jewel) is of inferior quality (and value). In addition, it is also general known that a diamond with certificate of GIA, HRD & IGI has a higher resell value when compared to uncertified diamonds or diamonds with (in the diamond market worthless) self-written certificates or certificates by less reputable labs.
  • Guarantees their clients excellent prices which are worth the promised quality. An assurance that the diamond is genuinely worth what the client is paying for it and therefore also a higher chance to have a positive return on your investment.

Any other way of certifying, different from explained above, is deceiving. Unfortunately in 2022 “other ways” are still common practice. Clients have informed us that there are still diamond dealers in business who are intentionally marking up the grades of their diamonds (via self-written certificates) resulting in their clients paying a significantly higher price for a lower grade diamond. As an example they pay for a G VS diamond but in reality receive a diamond which would be certified by e.g. GIA as a H SI diamond (or even lower). With this false information about the quality of the diamond, the client is deceived. BNT Diamonds therefore dissociates itself explicitly from practices such as self-written diamond certificates and inferior quality certificates by less reputable labs.

Our conclusion is therefore simple: self-written diamond certificates or certificates which do not come from independent and renowned lab are unreliable. No established & trustworthy diamond dealer will do this. Neither does BNT Diamonds.