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Ancient Beliefs About the Power of Diamonds

In ancient times, people believed diamonds promoted strength, invincibility and courage. But what did people truly believe about the power of diamonds? But what did people truly feel about the power of diamonds? There are many myths and legends surrounding the power and abilities of these precious stones.

With the long history of diamonds and many beliefs attached, it’s fair that people have considered them powerful or mystical over time. There are a few key powers people often gravitate towards, including:

  • Invincibility and strength
  • Healing abilities
  • Judging innocence or guilt

These powers came from various ancient cultures and beliefs over the course of history. Let’s look at a few.

During Ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs used diamonds in a hieroglyphic symbol called the ankh or key of life. They believed diamonds represented the sun, a sign of power and strength.

Later, the Hindus in Ancient India often placed diamonds in the eyes of their statues. They believed diamonds were created as lightning bolts struck rocks. With that said, they often thought that diamonds offered protective powers to those in possession of them.

Then, as the Ancient Greeks and Romans ruled, they also coveted diamonds, believing they carried special powers. They viewed diamonds as living beings that held celestial spirits within them, holding with them that power. On top of this, they thought diamonds splintered off stars.

In the Middle Ages, people saw diamonds as a ‘miracle stone’, believing they had healing properties. Further, Jewish priests sometimes used diamonds, thinking they were able to determine or judge innocence or guilt.

Knowing what powers people believed diamonds held over time could better inform your decision to invest in these commodities and support their sustained worth over time.

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