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BNT Diamonds' policy on Russian diamonds due to the conflict in Ukraine

It is not part of BNT Diamonds' values to support, directly or indirectly, conflicts or wars in general. That is why in the current context we want to emphasize that BNT Diamonds is not buying diamonds from Russian companies nor buying Russian diamonds. More generally, BNT Diamonds assures that it is not engaged in any buying or selling activity with Russia. And we firmly ask our trade partners to respect the same guidelines. Our thoughts and unconditional support are with those who have been affected by this senseless war and we wish there will be very soon a peaceful & righteous resolution. This decision does not represent any form of judgment or resentment towards the people & citizens of Russia (or any other country in particular). On the contrary, BNT Diamonds is a multicultural group, whereby people of many different nationalities across the globe are stimulated to work together in harmony & peace and with full respect & understanding for each cultural or ethnical background.