Exceptional Raj Pink diamond soon auctioned

Exceptional Raj Pink diamond soon auctioned

  • Why is the Raj Pink so unique?
  • The rarity of a pink diamond
  • Less than 0.02% pink diamond
  • Raj Pink travels the world

As we mentioned in the previous blog, the biggest rough diamond from the last 100 years, the Lesedi la Rona, was finally sold after a year of negotiation. So now, investors are looking forward to the auction of the Raj Pink. On November 15 2017, the world’s biggest diamond will be auctioned. 

Why is the Raj Pink so unique?

“The discovery of a pink diamond is exceptional, but the striking size and colour intensity of the Raj Pink is what makes it rare and one of the most important pink diamonds.” thus David Bennett, worldwide president of the Sotheby’s International Jewellery Division. This exceptional diamond was studied for a year.

The rarity of a pink diamond

The GIA reported the 30.37 carat diamond as ‘an extraordinary stone’ and the colour as ‘a very soft and amazing intense pink colour’.  Pink is the most wanted diamond colour for investors, because the mine in Australia, that produces 90% of the total offer worldwide, will probably close in a couple of years. If other mines with pink diamonds are not found, soon they will only be found on second-hand markets. As a result, the pink diamond is the fastest growing fixed assets.

Less than 0.02% pink diamond

An exceptional diamond as this Raj Pink is rare. Only the most privileged people and experts in the diamond industry know about their existence and have the honour to experience the stone. Of all the diamonds that arrive at GIA, less than 0.02% is mostly pink. It won’t surprise you that this diamond could be worth up to 30 million dollars. According to investment specialist Tobias Kormind, this could be the most expensive diamond ever to be auctioned.

Raj Pink travels around the world

At this moment, the Raj Pink is on a world tour through London, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New York, to finally be auctioned on November 15 at Sotheby’s in Geneva.

These kinds of diamonds are often offered in auction houses. This way, they are visible for a lot of potential buyers and the offers could be gigantic. Soon we will discover it this diamond will break the current record.

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Author: Inge de Wee
Source: BAUNAT

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