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Buying Diamonds or looking at diamonds? A trip around the world.

15 Jul 21
  • Crown jewels at the V&A museum in London
  • Imperial jewels in Teheran
  • Austrian treasures in Vienna
  • From rough diamond to fine jewels in Rio de Janeiro
  • Briliant Beauties in Amsterdam

How would you describe a breathtaking beauty?Jewellery and diamonds stimulate everyone’s fantasy and dreams, in an emotional or rational way when buying diamonds as an investment.

Diamonds have always been a favorite subject when it comes to legends and literature. Some believe that diamonds are the tears of the gods. There are also a number of museums and exhibitions around the world that showcase the best of various personal or royal diamond collections. Below we list a number of absolute must-sees. It will be a unique trip around the world.

Victoria Albert Museum London

Victoria & Albert Museum, London

The Victoria & Albert Museum, or V&A in short, is the world’s largest museum of decorative art and design. The jewellery collection covers more than 6.000 different pieces and is one of the most extensive collections of jewellery in the world. The collection contains for example objects from ancient Egypt, but also modern jewellery made by famous jewelers. You can admire, among other things, a dress designed for Catherine the Great, a bracelet of Marie Antoinette and the Beauharnais necklace with emeralds given by Napoleon to his adopted daughter.

Iranian crown jewels, Teheran

The Iranian Jewelery Museum is located in the premises of the Iranian Central Bank. Here you can admire the world’s largest diamond collection, which is owned by the government. Over centuries the collection was collected by the Iranian monarchy and contains, crowns, tiaras, swords and shields. Showpiece is the Daria-e Nur (Sea of Light), a diamond of 182 carats. The color is light pink and is one of the rarest diamonds in the world. This diamond was part of a war booty when the Emperor of Persia had invaded Delhi in 1739 and stole the crown jewels. This collection also includes priceless loose diamonds.

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Schatzkammer, Vienna

The Schatzkammer is located in Hofburg Palace and contains an extensive collection of treasures that have been collected over centuries. A highlight of the museum os the imperial crown of Ruldof II, decorated with diamonds, pearls and a large ruby. It was made in 1602 by the Antwerp goldsmith Jan Vermeyen. Another remarkable piece of the museum are the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire, including an octagonal imperial crown.

H. Stern Atelier, Rio de Janeiro

The luxury jewellery company H. Stern started in Rio de Janeiro in 1949 and still has its headquaters and his studio in Rio. A guided tour in the studio is certainly worth to join. You will see all phases of the creation process: from rough diamond in the Gemological Laboratory tot the finalized product exhibited in the spectacular showroom.

Diamond Museum, Amsterdam

The museum is situatred in a specially renovated villa at the Museumplein. The permanent exhibition, the Brilliant Beauties, will lead the visitor into ten themes on a journey through the history of the diamond. Some famous exhibits are the Katana diamond, the Rembrandt diamond and the “Ape Skull”. A special part of the exhibition is the Diamond Experience, where visitors enter the heart of the diamond and meet many celbrities.

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