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BAUNAT Diamond Jewellery

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BAUNAT Diamond Jewellery

BAUNAT is an exquisite Belgian diamond jewellery brand and member of the BAUNAT Group. The e-boutique was established in 2008 in Antwerp, the world center of the diamond trade.

BAUNAT Jewellery’s core philosophy is that ‘real beauty’ and ‘natural charm’ come from within as the result of inner balance and purity. BAUNAT Jewellery is designed within this philosophy by talented Belgian designers. All our diamond jewellery is handmade in Antwerp, whereby only the finest materials are being used.

The BAUNAT jewellery is created by talented designers in accordance with a certain philosophy, namely creating modern timeless pieces or reinterpreting known classics by making them timeless, balanced and pure.

BAUNAT can count on some of the most renowned diamond manufacturers (4th generation) among its 'founding fathers', which gives them the opportunity to select and buy polished diamonds at the source.

In accordance with the mission statement of BNT Diamonds, BAUNAT works with a unique business model to offer the best prices for high quality jewellery. By avoiding the middleman and offering the collections on-line, BAUNAT stands for an excellent priced diamond jewellery collection of exquisite quality.

Besides our unbeatable quality and price, we offer the possibility of visiting our showrooms and guarantee personal service. During a private visit, BAUNAT's diamond jewellery specialists will give you professional advice in your search for the perfect jewel. Our showrooms are available on appointment only.

Choosing a diamond jewel by BAUNAT is not only a secure and inspirational choice, it’s... « Smart Luxury »