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How can I invest in commodities?

06 Jul 21

Investments in shares –and even real estate- are well-established by now. There are, however, many different and alternative ways to invest your money. You can start investing in old-timers, ships, wine, art etc., but also in valuable resources like gold, silver and diamonds. In the next part of this blog, we will look into some of these alternatives.

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Investing in wine and whiskey

This is commonly done by fitting your own wine cellar with special and unique wines you have collected. In London there is even a specialized stock market which focusses on trading in valuable wines. Another possibility is partaking in a wine investment fund. The most straightforward way is to simply subscribe to new wine harvests.

Nowadays, whiskey, too, is finding its way as an investment product. The possibilities are very diverse as well. You can invest in specific or special bottles, in aged batches or even in full barrels. Some whiskeys fall to the most profitable returns on the market.

Investing in wood

Something completely different is investing in woods or forests. Since the recent crisis, this way of investing money is becoming a popular alternative. Wood remains appealing because it is still commonly used as a building material and there is definitely a demand for it on the Asian Market, especially from China and India.

Investing in green stocks BNT Diamonds

Green, greener, greenest

Sustainability is becoming a deciding factor for more and more investors. Investing in all kinds of green energy is gaining importance, whether it is wind-energy, solar energy or something else. There are several options: shares, funds, debentures etc. or you can invest in energy companies or suppliers of, for example, solar panels. What’s more, the government tends to stimulate investments in green energy by making it fiscally advantageous.

Precious resources: gold and diamonds

Of all the possible resources to invest in, gold is probably the best known. Diamonds, however, are now regarded by analysts as the “new” gold. It offers a safe and risk-sheltered investment possibility in uncertain times. Diamond prices remain stable and will, as a result of growing demand – also from China and India – only rise in worth. More info about this topic can be found at BNT Diamonds, specialized in investment possibilities regarding diamonds.

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With this article, BNT Diamonds strives to inform you thoroughly about investing in diamonds. No investment can be guaranteed to be without risk or fully according to your expectations. That is why we recommend to research the risks and aspects of investing in diamond properly to ensure that you make the right choice for your portfolio.