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Natural green diamonds

A guide to buying natural green diamonds

04 Mar 22

When talking about diamonds, we often think of colourless stones with a stunning sparkle. However, coloured diamonds are just as rare and are climbing in popularity recently — particularly the elusive green diamond. In this guide, we will cover the following topics to give you insights into the rare natural green diamonds:

  • Where do natural green diamonds get their colour?
  • The price of natural green diamonds
  • Are natural green diamonds a good investment?

Where do natural green diamonds get their colour?

Diamonds develop a natural green colour when they are underground, in rocks that contain small amounts of radioactive material, such as uranium or thorium. As the radioactive materials decayed, they emitted radiation that penetrated the diamond crystal.

When the radiation enters the diamond, it can knock electrons or carbon atoms out of their position. The displacement of electrons and carbon atoms deforms the crystal lattice and changes the way light travels through the diamond, creating a green appearance in the eye of the observer.

Green colour from natural irradiation is the most common cause of green colour in diamonds. However, the green colour can also be caused by structural defects in the diamond’s structure, which is caused by the presence of nitrogen, hydrogen or nickel atoms.

Natural green diamond 2

The price of natural green diamonds

Natural green diamonds belong to the fancy coloured diamonds category. The rarest and most valuable colours are saturated pinks, blues and greens.

Because of the green diamond’s extreme rarity, they often come at a much steeper price — particularly those with a vibrant colour. Green diamonds range from a light green to a rich, deep hue.

The majority of green diamonds formed in nature also exhibit a secondary colour, known as a modifier. The modifying colours can be yellow, blue or grey. Green diamonds with a “pure” colour and no secondary colour are more valuable. Likewise, the more intense the colour depth, the higher the diamond value will be. For instance, a fancy vivid green diamond (according to the GIA scale) is the most expensive and demanded type of green diamond that exists.

Are natural green diamonds a good investment?

It has only been during the past few decades that investors have truly begun to understand the potential of fancy coloured diamonds as an alternative asset to colourless diamonds. Green diamonds have, therefore, started attracting attention as rare, important and desirable stones.

The significant increase in natural green diamond prices in the last few years is a strong indication that this colour, which was once not relegated to the investment realm, is rising in demand. As knowledge about these stones continues to proliferate, so too will investors’ desire to invest in them.

It’s important to note that not all green diamonds are created equally. Some are simply not of investment grade due to being a lower quality. It is, therefore, critical to buy natural green diamonds that are accompanied by a certification to ensure you are making a wise investment decision.

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