Can I Set Investment Diamonds in Jewellery? | BNT Diamonds

Can I set investment diamonds in jewellery?

Yes, you can set your investment diamonds in jewellery if you’d like. When you purchase diamonds for the purpose of investment, they don’t have to just sit in a secure place, tucked away. In fact, you can turn your investment diamonds into something functional. As a result, you’ll be able to use your investment every day and keep a close eye on it.

BNT Diamonds offers services through BAUNAT jewellers to turn your investment diamonds into exquisite and wearable jewellery. This way, you can make the most of your commodity before you choose to resell or liquify.

BAUNAT jewellers can set investment diamonds into golden or platinum pieces of jewellery. Through a solitary ring or an exquisite pair of earrings, you can enjoy your investment every day. With this extra available service towards clients, you can wear your diamonds daily to keep your investment close to you at all times. BAUNAT Jewellery makes it possible. .

You can work closely with BAUNAT to choose the type of jewellery you want to set your stone in. Plus, you can determine what style and finished look you wish to achieve, so the custom-made jewellery fits your unique specifications.

Additionally, converting your diamond investment into jewellery can add sentimental value to your piece or enhance its worth with the precious metal it’s paired with. If you choose to resell your investment diamond on its own, you can always take it out of its setting.

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