How can I purchase diamonds without paying VAT?

  • How can I purchase diamonds through my company?
  • What about delivery outside the EU?
  • How do I personally export tax-free diamonds to a non-EU country?

What if I want to purchase tax-free diamonds? BNT Diamonds offers three possibilities to purchase your diamond(s) tax-free: purchase through your company, delivery to a non-European country or personal export to a non-European country. With each of these options you are exempt from paying VAT on your purchased diamond. Only the VAT rules of the non-EU country or the independent business manager are applicable.

How can I purchase diamonds through my company?

For business purchases, you have to comply with all Belgian regulations. This means that purchasing diamonds has to be relevant to your business. For example, you may use diamonds in your production. In that case, the diamond can be seen as property of your company and can therefore be purchased tax-free.

However, purchasing diamonds tax-free as a business gift via your company is not possible, as this is only possible for amounts up to €50.

What about delivery outside the EU?

Customers outside the European Union do not have to pay VAT when purchasing diamonds from BNT Diamonds. However, they are responsible for the import taxes and local taxes, to be paid to the delivery courier. An indication of these costs can be found at the top of our page, on the VAT rules for non-EU countries page. This way you know beforehand which rules are applicable upon delivery.

How do I personally export tax-free diamonds to a non-EU country?

For ersonal export of your diamond (jewel), different rules apply. Here you prefund the 21 % VAT applicable to Belgium, which will be refunded after you have exported the purchased diamond jewel to a country outside the European Union. When you choose this option, our BNT Diamonds experts team in Antwerp will be happy to provide you with all the information and documents needed for the procedure of tax-free purchases.

When arriving at your destination, you have send the invoice, stamped by customs, to the BNT Diamonds office, after which we will make sure that the VAT is refunded.

Would you like to receive more information regarding purchasing tax-free diamonds?  Please contact one of our BNT Diamonds experts. Or use this form to request your personal offer for investment diamonds.

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